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Aspire Change EDU Image Description

The mission of Aspire Change EDU is to help educational organizations aspire to change in ways that lead to improving and enhancing what we already know works. Educators don’t want more things to do. They crave to maximize available time, strengthen their craft, help learners succeed, and find joy in the work. Led by founder and CEO Eric Sheninger, we believe that, just like for our learners, professional learning needs to be personalized, differentiated, aligned to research on what actually works, and lead to evidence of improvement.


Every aspect of the work we facilitate is tailored to the goals and intended outcomes of those we are honored to serve. No project looks the same as professional learning should never be cookie-cutter or standardized. While this takes more effort on our end during the planning and implementation process, the end results speak for themselves.


Our core services are grounded in the System for Educational Transformation (SET) and include the following:


  • Keynotes
  • Back-to-school convocations
  • Leadership retreats
  • On-going support that is research and evidence-based (contact us for more information)
    • Leadership
      • School culture
      • Strategic planning
      • Pedagogical capacity
      • Digital
      • Efficacy of existing practices (PLCs, personalization, instruction, curricula supports, PD, data, learning spaces, etc.)
    • Tier 1 instruction
    • Rigor Relevance Framework
    • Personalized learning (blended pedagogies, maximizing data, leveraging & enhancing learning spaces, RTI/MTSS, co-teaching models, etc.)
    • Purposeful use of technology
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) sessions/coaching (leaders and teachers)
    • Competency-based learning (proficiency scales, standards-based grading)
    • Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)
    • Virtual & hybrid learning
  • Breakout presentations
  • Innovative Leadership Cohorts
  • Interactive and immersive workshops
  • Innovative Strategies Assessment
  • Coaching (job-embedded, ongoing)
  • Asynchronous course


We are a collaborative consultancy comprising best-in-class practitioners and seasoned consultants who share similar beliefs. No matter the size of your district or school, we can scale the work in ways that meet your budget and goals. During the planning process, we will ask probing questions to learn more about your successes and challenges to determine the most appropriate professional learning solutions for your organization.  From there, success criteria and benchmarks will be mapped out to ensure efficacy.


In addition to our core bench of consultants, we actively partner with other independent consultancies (and vice versa) for the benefit of districts and schools. By working together, we can provide educational organizations with both what they want and need. Imagine being matched with the best possible professional learning consultant(s) aligned to virtually every focus area, technique, initiative, tool, or strategy in education. This is the main driver of the work we do and one that best serves schools, districts, charters, and private institutions tasked with educating our youth.


Whether you need assistance implementing innovative ideas or support for what you already have in place, our promise to you is to become a true partner where success is shared through evidence-based change. Let’s begin with a conversation about where you currently are and, most importantly, where you want to be in the near future. Together, let’s improve education for ALL learners.