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Keynote, Workshop, and Coaching Descriptions

In addition to the topics listed below, job-embedded coaching, tailored presentations, and strategic planning services for teachers and administrators are also available. Everything listed below can also be facilitated virtually in a highly engaging format using Zoom. Eric partners with schools and districts across the world on a long-term basis to help them develop and then successfully implement sustainable change in the following areas:


  • Leadership (Instructional, Transformational, Managerial, Inspirational)
  • Pedagogy and instructional design
  • Digital pedagogy
  • Learning spaces
  • Personalized and blended learning
  • Remote and distance learning
  • Hybrid models
  • Branding
  • School culture
  • Effective implementation of 1:1 and BYOD


Disruptive Thinking in Our Classrooms: Preparing Learners for Their Future (Keynote, Workshop)

The world has and continues to change in ways that are difficult to predict. Regardless of the forces at hand educators play a pivotal role in preparing students for success now and in the future. The best way to do this is to create a disruptive thinking culture in our classrooms and schools that future-proofs learning for ALL kids! Get ready for a roller coaster journey that weaves stories, practical ideas, and insights from thousands of classrooms to create meaningful learning experiences that will withstand the test of time. It’s time to challenge the status quo when it comes to teaching and learning in our classrooms. Our learners—and their future in a bold new world—depend on us.


Digital Leadership: Changing Paradigms for Changing Times (Keynote, Workshop, or Breakout Session)

Change isn’t coming as it is already on our doorstep. Educators need to recognize this in order to prepare learners with critical competencies to thrive in a dynamic world. As the world continues to evolve so must educational practice. Digital leadership represents a strategic shift in mindset and actions that work to usher in needed changes to improve teaching, learning, and leadership while building powerful relationships with stakeholders in the process. The time is now to work smarter, not harder, to achieve better results. Using the Pillars of Digital Leadership, a framework to assist all educators to implement sustainable change, attendees will be exposed to actionable strategies to support and enhance current areas of professional practice through a digital lens.


Teaching and Learning in a Hybrid and Remote World (Keynote or workshop)

The COVID-19 pandemic has put schools in a position that they could have never imagined, with many largely unprepared for a total shift to remote learning. But lessons learned during the trial-by-fire first few months of shutdowns have enabled many to quickly adapt, successfully establishing remote and hybrid learning at scale no matter the challenges. During this session, Eric will break down proven engagement strategies that are at the heart of successful remote learning—ones that empower all kids to think critically and then apply their thinking in relevant ways—both with and without technology. Topics to be covered in-depth include high-impact instruction, personalization, hybrid models, blended learning, equity, and family engagement. This session can also be adapted for administrators.


Creating Schools That Work For Kids (Keynote, Workshop, or Breakout Session)

Schools have traditionally been designed to work well for adults, but the conventional school design hasn’t always served our learners. Students today need to be empowered to take ownership of their learning in relevant and meaningful ways to prepare them for a constantly evolving world. This session will explore how to cultivate shared ownership, respect, and trust, creating a school learning culture that students value and to which they want to belong in the digital age. Attendees will be exposed to a variety of successful strategies and initiatives implemented at schools with a focus on the purposeful integration of technology, a redefinition of learning spaces, personalized learning, and the whole child.


Inspiring Students: Bringing Awe Back to Learning (Keynote, extended breakout)

Awe is a huge component of life—it’s hardwired into our brains. When we experience the sensation of awe, we are consumed by wonder, relevancy, emotion, engagement, inspiration, and real-world connections. Awe is a driving force for learning that will not just benefit our students now, but also well into their future. However, traditional views and functions of school deprive many students of experiencing the joy and power of awe as a catalyst for meaningful learning. During this keynote, Eric will share innovative, research-based practices that you can implement to bring back a sense of awe to learning.


Learning Transformed: 8 Keys to Designing Tomorrow’s Schools, Today (Keynote, extended breakout)

The current speed of technological breakthroughs has led to the coming age of workplace automation, dramatically altering the world of work that our students will enter. With all that is known about how students learn and the predictions regarding the world that our students will face tomorrow, a one‑size‑fits‑all approach to teaching and learning is educational malpractice. Built on the foundation of leadership and school culture, a redesigned learning experience fundamentally shifts the teaching and learning paradigm to one that’s personal. It alters the use of authentic assessments, how technology is leveraged, the spaces in which the learning occurs, the way educators grow professionally, how schools collaborate with the community, and the sustainability of the system as a whole. Eric will dissect this approach to unlocking tomorrow’s schools so that today’s modern learners leave ready to create new industries, find new cures, and solve world problems.


BrandED: Tell Your Story, Build Relationships, and Empower Learning (Keynote, breakout, or workshop)

If you don’t tell your story someone else will. Regardless of your position or where you work the digital age compels you to define yourself, school, and organization or be defined. Stories that pull on emotions while linking to successful outcomes can drive and sustain change. BrandED is a strategic mindset that harnesses the magic power of storytelling to showcase all the good that happens in our schools while building dynamic relationships. In this presentation, Eric will showcase ways that every educator can become the storyteller-in-chief while illustrating how feeling can be cultivated through image, promise, result, vision, belief, emotion, and value. The time is now to unlock the potential of brandED. Note – Presenter will tailor the message to the specific audience he is addressing.


Disruptive Leadership: The Key to the Future of Education (Keynote)

If we employ the same type of thinking we will get the same old results…or worse. Disruptive change is the answer to this problem that plagues education. A willingness to innovate and a fundamental change to learning by companies such as Netflix, Apple, and Uber has caused the demise of Blockbuster, Blackberry, and in the near future the taxi industry. They upended the status quo by being ahead of the curve with a focus on better ideas, relevance, personalization, and innovative practices. Education is in need of disruptive leadership in order to meet the changing needs of learners to avoid preparing them for a world that no longer exists. Eric will share practical strategies that can be implemented immediately to transform current practice while improving outcomes.


Personalized Learning: The Why, How, and What (Keynote or breakout)

How are you or your school making learning personal? If all kids are doing the same thing the same way at the same time a change of course is warranted. Personalized learning is not about putting all kids in front of a device at the same time on an adaptive learning tool to “collect” data. It’s about a fundamental shift from the “what” to the “who” to emphasize personal ownership of learning through relevant contexts and applications. The goal is equity for all. In this session, participants will explore blended strategies and examples on how to personalize learning with and without technology in any classroom.


Return on Instruction (ROI) (Keynote or Breakout Session)

Our country spends billions of dollars on educational technology. How do you know that the money you are spending is actually having an impact on learning and achievement? Most school leaders cannot honestly answer this question. This session will focus on developing evidence to support a Return on Instruction (ROI) when investments are made on technology, programs, innovative ideas, and professional development. Attendees will be exposed to a variety of proven strategies to not only improve pedagogy in the digital age but to also curate various forms of evidence to validate expenditures and garner stakeholder support.


Four Keys to Effective Blended Learning (Keynote, Breakout session, or Workshop)

To prepare students for their future we can no longer reside in the past. A more personalized approach that blends sound pedagogy, flexible spaces and the use of data can empower kids to think and apply what they have learned in more effective ways. This session will dive deep into what this looks like by focusing on a pivotal shift from instruction to learning. Blended instruction is what the teacher does with tech. Blended learning is where students use tech to have control over path, place, and pace in a high-agency environment. Attendees will leave with a firm understanding of the 4 keys (strategies, elements, models, solutions) needed to effectively implement blended learning in K-12 environments through practical examples from schools across the country.


Digital Pedagogy for Deeper Learning (Keynote, Workshop, or Breakout Session)

As technology changes so must pedagogy. Learning today should unleash the creativity of our students and prepare them with essential skill sets for success in a digital world. Attendees will discover how to seize the opportunity inherent in ubiquitous connectivity, an evolving real-time Web, open-source technology, mobile devices, and personalization to integrate digital learning across the curriculum. The presenter will address how to create a teaching and learning culture that empowers all learners to think and apply their thinking in relevant ways to improve outcomes.


Turn the Battleship on a Dime: Keys to Initiating Sustainable Change (Keynote, and/or Breakout Session)

Educational change is often perceived as a difficult process fraught with competing ideas that rarely take hold. This session will tackle the issue of initiating cultural school change that is embraced, sustained, and celebrated. The presenter will address common obstacles to the change process and highlight strategies to overcome them. Examples will be shared that emphasize how one school has moved beyond change to transform the teaching and learning culture in a way that lasts.


The Power of Personal Learning Networks (PLN’s) (Workshop and/or Breakout session)

Personal Learning Networks (PLN’s) have been around for centuries and can be defined as relationships that individuals leverage for learning. Attendees will learn how innovative educators can utilize the Internet and an array of digital tools to create their PLN’s and customize their “always-on” learning networks to better prepare and understand the latest pedagogical techniques, college & career readiness, technology integration, engaging learners, and effective leadership strategies.


Educational Options for a Changing World (Breakout session)

One of the many challenges that school leaders face is ensuring that all students are college and career-ready. The key to overcoming this challenge is to make learning relevant and meaningful to our students. This session will focus on New Milford High School’s journey to radically transform the learning culture through the formation of our own Academies. They represent a bold new direction for education, one that considers student interest, national need, and global demand for highly qualified graduates capable of competing at the most challenging levels. Participants will learn firsthand how we have created and sustained our own Academy structure and be provided with the tools to create their own in a cost-effective manner.